From 1992 to 1994
The male volley-ball team after the silver medal in 1991 won the championship title for the the first time in 1992. The team could repeat the great result in 1993 and in 1994 too. These were the first pages of the gold book…

From 1995 to 1996
After the golden ages there was some backsliding, but the team saved its position in the front-rank, and tasted the international field year by year.

Till the summer of 1997 under the name of Balatel Sport Club the Kaposvár male volley-ball team after three years of pause first it won the Hungarian Cup then the Hungarian championship. Following the successful season the leadership of the team announced in the capital in August that the club would change its name. The name giver of the team was an Italian meat industrial company at that time it was called Pini.

One year later the Pini-Kaposvár team finished the season with winning the Hungarian Cup and championship silver medal. Alltogether the club closed a good year, whereas all the age-group club got into the national final, and the base of the Hungarian blue team was mainly created by the boys.

1999 was the year of success whereas the team could win the championship and the Hungarian Cup too. This was the fifth Hungarian championship and the fifth cup winning of the club, for the respect of the success a report book was issued too, its title was: To be on top for the fifth time.

The club became champion for the sixth time at Nyíregyháza under the name of Pini Kaposvár Sport Club male volley-ball team. The Somogy county champion team was proved to be better than its rival with result of three to two on the fourth match of the championship final After this the boys saved their first position in the championship too.

The team started the new season under the name of Kométa, and became champion for the seventh time. The champion surmounted the Dunaferr team during one of the most remarkable final of the past years: the team from the Danube bank had been in the leading position with result of two to nil in the contest up to three winnings, from this score could our team change. The fifth match determined the gold medal, and Mr Demeter György’ s (George’ s) followers were proved to be better with score of three to one in front of 1600 spectators.
The Hungarian blue team with the leadership of the Kaposvár boys got to the European championship. We beat the Greek in front of a full house in the sport hall of Táncsics Mihály Secondary school

The team closed a controversial season in 2002: in the international ring it achieved series of success, the club won the Hungarian Cup, but the team could not get into the final for the sixth time in this case.The Kaposvár team with legionaries from Cuba, Russia and China in the Cup of top teams got into the quarter final as the first of the group.
In the group ring it had beaten the Spanish, Ukraine and Swiss teams, then it was stopped by the later Belgian winner Roeselare.

The club leadership was satisfied with the Kométa Kaposvár male volley-ball players’ result: the team won the cup again, and became a silver medalist in the championship. A chapter was over: the success trainer Mr Demeter György (George) said good-bye after more than one decade-long-work. The expert was changed for the Croatian Marko Jazvics.

After eight years the Kométa Kaposvár extra league male volle-ball team won gold medal neither in the championship nor in the cup for the first time However the name giver Kométa ’99 Ltd expressed that it would be the main sponsor, and the town is great supporter after this for the most successful Kaposvár team of all the time.

The Kaposvár male volle-ball team won the Hungarian championship for the eighth time. We had to wait for the next success for four years, the boys’ final winning was greater success than it was expected. On a great match the Somogy team beat the Kazincbarcika who was champion and unbeaten for a long time. The score of the final match in front of house spectators – similarly to the score of the contest – was three to one.

The Kaposvár Sport Club – with Mészáros Péter in changing position – achieved a remarkable success when from Kazincbarcika from the losing position finally could win the match. The former blue tem member Kántor Sándor returned in summer, and signed a contract with the club for three years.

Complete success: Kométa finished the Middle European league with bronze medal, and in the championship it could achieve the first place with compelling superiority.

One year later the team met the expectations both in the Hungarian championship and the cup, but its performance was less successful in the international ring.

The team won all in this case: it could save its first position both in the championship and in the cup. The rival Kecskemét caused some inconvenient moments for the Somogy county team. The team could perform better in the international ring, and the Kaposvár spectators could see exciting matches. The team had players from Slovakia, Argentina and Brasil too. The rising players of the club achieved great success too, they proved that we could count on the young players.

Another town became a part of the Kaposvár male volley-ball team’ s glory list, the boys could never celebrate championship vinning at Kecskemét. It was the furst time in the club’ s life that it achieved the first position in once.The Kaposvár team could celebrate its first place in the championship at domestic lane, and their 12th first place was won at Kecskemét. The members of gold team were greeted by the fans too, and everybody knew that the team had closed a hard year with double victory. After the first position on the Hungarian Cup the championship title was also achieved. – in the famous town of Kecskemét.

The Kaposvár volley-ball team can celebrate championship title again! Counted from the autumn of 2010. under the name of Fino the club won its third match in the final against Kalo-Méh Kecskemét, so it won its 13th gold medal selfconfidentally. In the last match of the final it was clear: the The Somogy team gave no chance to its rival. The club won the Hungarian Cup under the leadership of the 40 year-old Kántor Sándor.

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